Mission and Objectives

The aim of DARC is to understand and explain the impact of anonymity technologies on the phenomenon of delinquency, and in particular on the actors of the illicit markets on the internet. This objective allows us to better understand which actors make the choice to use anonymity technologies, how they come to make this choice, and what are the impacts of this choice on their delinquent activities and the actors who monitor them. DARC's activities draw heavily on the theory of social learning and are divided into three parts. The first component is a continuous lookout for anonymity technologies. The second component seeks to understand the coping processes that lead offenders to adopt anonymity technologies. Finally, the third part explains the impact of anonymity technologies on offenders. Data analyzed at DARC is collected using a look at scientific literature, new technology sites and Google News, a lookout on the discussion platforms frequented by MIL participants, MIL Watch and an online survey of MIL participants. These data allow us to publish quarterly reports on the evolution of anonymity technologies, to probe adaptation processes that lead offenders to adopt anonymity technologies, to qualitatively analyze the discourse of offenders involved in MIL, create a network of conflict and mutual aid links between them and explain their criminal performance and periods of impunity.

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