The Open And Dark Web: Facilitating Cybercrime And Technology-Enabled Offenses

This book chapter studies the adoption of the Tor network and the creation of dark web drug dealing entrepreneurs. The Tor network allowed for the emergence of drug dealing entrepreneurs that set up their own independent drug dealing websites called vendor shops. The emergence of drug dealing entrepreneurs provides an opportunity to better understand the phenomenon of criminal entrepreneurs that has been researched in traditional drug dealing settings and to understand the impact of anonymizing technologies such as the Tor network on crime. The general aim of this paper is to describe and understand criminal entrepreneurship on the Internet. The first specific aim of this paper is to describe the types of products advertised on vendor shops to understand the size and scope of sales of illicit drugs. The second specific aim is to provide a description of the vendors involved in single vendor shops. The third specific aim is to characterize the differences between the activities of the drug dealing entrepreneur on their own vendor shop and their activities on larger public marketplaces where they compete against other drug dealers.


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