Andréanne Bergeron

Coordonnatrice, Projet "The Transformation of Transnational Organised Crime by Online Technologies"

The role of online technology in organised crime is growing.  This proposal will explore how technological innovations (e.g. Dark Web Markets, cryptocurrencies, malware propagation, online advertising, etc.) are changing the scope and size of some traditional TNOC activities, through the analysis of four case studies: Transnational drugs trafficking, malware propagation, economic crimes and human trafficking.

This proposal will investigate how new innovative research methods such as Social Network Analysis and computer-mediated communication data can complement traditional research methods to deepen and broaden our understanding of how technological innovations are creating (or not) new opportunities for TNOC and new issues for interventions against them.

  • Objective 1: To identify new online sources of data that enable and enhance analysis of the transformation of TNOC through online technologies;
  • Objective 2: To apply new forms of analysis, such as online social network analysis and Machine Learning, to identify the extent to which TNOC is being transformed by online technologies, and how;
  • Objective 3: To engage with the project partner stakeholders to develop a set of policy and operational recommendations for the regulation of cyber-enabled and cyber-dependent TNOC

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